Audio visual integration

Integration and Control – Seamless home entertainment accessible at the touch of a button

We want and expect the best from our home media; interchangeable technologies; TVs, gaming and music, each used everyday. What if they could all be used together. A cohesive, co-ordinated system composed of independent technologies, working together. Imagine the possibilities.

Complete Home Entertainment Integration

Using specific touch-screen remote or fixed controls, tablet PCs or smartphones, your home entertainment equipment can be centrally coordinated. Turn-on, select, switch-off or turn-up your TV, your music, your Blu Ray and even your lighting. Walk upstairs with your remote in hand, turning-off the music from the zone you are leaving, whilst seamlessly turning on the lighting and the music in the rooms that you are approaching. The accessibility to your home entertainment will follow you all around your home.


Using wireless technologies, home networks and high definition distribution at Hang Your TV we can advise on and implement complete home entertainment integration solutions from your televisions through to your lighting; from your living room through to your home office.

We can advise upon correct system configuration and recommend new digital equipment to help to bring your existing system up-to-date, using Apple TV for example, to update your existing analogue system. We also recommend a system called NAS (Network Attached Storage), it is a great way to access and store all your home media without the need for connecting to a computer.

Remote Controls

The definition of remote controls has changed, it extends past the handheld infrared transmitting buttons and now includes touch screen control panels that can be programmed to command and co-ordinate any of your home entertainment technologies. More recently the introduction of apps for your smartphone or tablet have seen a further change, allowing for even more flexibility within your home and accessibility for every user.

Using an all-encompassing single remote control that will access multiple devices eliminates the need for many remote controls scattered thought your home and having to pick up multiple remotes and push buttons many times just to change between your TV and Blu Ray, or your gaming and music

Our recommendation 

The Logitech Harmony 1100 is a universal touch-screen remote control that effortlessly allows access to all your media sources and is compatible with almost every device. Using wireless technology and infrared commands, the two-part system can control concealed equipment and even access devices that are in another room , in another part of the house. It will give you one-touch switching between watching TV, browsing digital photo albums, surfing the internet or dimming your lights.

  • Logitech Harmony 1100 Advanced Universal Remote ¬£227

Talk to us about integrating your home entertainment. Our solutions are unique and tailor-made so you can get the maximum potential from your home entertainment system.

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