Custom installation fireplace TV wall mounting Uckfield, Sussex

A few months ago we were contacted and asked to sort out a TV wall mounting job in Sussex. The client had found us on Google and had seen one of our articles, which you can see here, and they wanted to reproduce the installation. The house demanded that the fireplace inset was of high quality and so we decided to have a cabinet built, and use glass as shelves with brushed chrome shelf supports. At this point it became clear the services of SBT Design were necessary, a local Bespoke Cabinet & Furniture Maker I know.SBT Design

Fireplace TVSo here was the job when I arrived (BTW click on any picture to enlarge!), as you can see there are wires everywhere, and a surge protector hanging on the TV cables. This is the standard you get from a national TV wall mounting service. There was a glass TV stand there which had been removed by the client. We set to work. First job was to remove the kit and re route the Sky HD cables from the dish. Typically they were too short and had to be extended. Then they were brought into the fireplace.

Secondly the Samsung TV was removed and the HDMI, Wii and mains cables were re routed into the fireplace and the TV replaced. Samsung LED wall mount

This is the AV unit we had made. Steve from SBT Design made the cabinet  from MDF and trimmed it with Tulip wood, and finally finished in white eggshell that was sprayed to get a really great finish with no brush-marks. It almost looked like a plastic coat it was so good.

To support the glass shelves we used these brushed chrome glass shelf brackets. They were allShelf support carefully marked out using a set-square and metal ruler, then the AV unit was pilot drilled, and finally the glass supports were screwed to the AV unit.

At this point we temporarily fitted the glass shelves so as to mark out the cables entry holes Inset with shelvesin the rear. As per all of our jobs, James is standing by to keep the mess to a minimum! After marking out the holes in the rear for the cable entry, the holes are drilled carefully with a 32mm hole cutter, big enough to squeeze all of the HDMI, coaxial and various cables through.

Next job was to connect up all of the devices one by one adding shelves as we go. Firstly the Sky HD box was connected at the bottom. The reason we put it here is simple. They do not like heat, so we figured if weSky HD, PS3 put it at the bottom it wouldn’t collect all of the heat from the other devices, heat rises! Next came the Sony PS3, followed by the Nintendo Wii, and finally the Apple TV. Sounds like gadget heaven!

All devices were now fitted and connected, it was time to push the AV unit into the fireplace and tidy Custom fireplace AV unitup.

I will finish with some photographs of the finished product to browse through, and a big thank you to Steve from SBT Design and of course my clients for giving the installation in the first place. To see a tv wall mounting job in Clapham click here.

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