Multi Room HD

One home, multiple TVs. Who enjoys the HD? The answer – you all do!

It’s a common scenario in many homes, TVs in different rooms, the main one in the lounge, maybe one in the kitchen, kid’s bedrooms or study. But you still want the best from your HD satellite subscription and you might want to enjoy that on any of your televisions.

Multi Room HD for Sky  – Freesat  – Blu RayGaming3D TV

At Hang Your TV we can provide Multi Room HD systems for your home that will spread the High Definition signal from one source to multi room TVs. So in the terms of satellite television that means one HD box, one monthly subscription, but independent viewing from any of the monitors that are connected to your system.

This isn’t just restricted to satellite television, an HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) Matrix can distribute Blu Ray, gaming and even 3D. Saving on space within your home without compromising on your viewing experience. It avoids the need for a satellite HD box to sit alongside every television as there isn’t always space for that. It could also save you money as your monthly satellite subscription payments are not multiplied by the number of televisions that you have in your home.

Multi Room HD Options

An HDMI Matrix provides a space-saving solution for multi room HD, distributing the  signal around your home. Using a centralised equipment setup, discreetly concealed away from the your television, this could be in another room, behind panelling, or even tucked away in a cupboard, you can access your Skybox and browse your TV Guide with your Sky remote as if it were right there in the room with you, without loss of speed or discontinuity of signal. Independent control for flexibility of the best quality satellite viewing to fit in with your home, your life and your family

The matrix can be configured to distribute signal from a variety of input sources through to a variety of outputs. This means that the distribution can co-ordinate in various combinations:

  • 2×2 – Two input sources such as a Skybox and a Blu Ray player feeding  two different televisions
  • 2×4 – Feeding to four televisions
  • 4×4 – Four input sources, for example, two Skyboxes, a Blu Ray and an XBox distributing signal to four televisions
  • 4×8 – Same as above to eight different televisions

An HDMI Amplifier is a more cost-effective alternative to the HDMI Matrix and provides a solution for distributing one HD source. By installing an HDMI Amplifier, one single satellite HD signal can be fed to a maximum of eight different TVs throughout your home.

HDMI Matrices are custom designed and installed, so contact us to discuss your Multi Room HD requirements. We are available for consultations and advice throughout all the stages of new build or renovation projects and can install the distribution cables before the final decoration phase.

Don’t panic if you’ve only just decorated! With our experience in installing systems like these and by employing the same techniques that we use for our TV Wall Mounting, we can minimise intrusion of equipment, and discreetly hide and obscure cables.

See what Multi Room HD could do for you, have a look at our gallery.

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