Internet and network services

Networks – not just for the office but to help your home media to work harder!

The capabilities of home entertainment products broadcasting audio and visual content throughout your home using a network is evermore popular. For the user it means uninterrupted data and content accessible anywhere in the home.

  • data sharing: media files, photos, music, documents and more
  • shared external devices: all computers connected to one printer
  • shared internet: only pay for one internet connection but with multiple access
  • document and file back-up: storing files in additional locations within network
  • multiplayer gaming: jump in and play from different networked consoles


A home network can be either a wired structured network (LAN – local area network) or a wireless network (WLAN).

Wireless Network

Provides accessible entry to the network from any location in your home, ideal for accessing the internet with your roaming laptop or making use of the wi-fi on your smartphone or tablet. Eliminating the need for wires and cabling to connect your devices, this type of network has its restraints as wireless ‘deadspots’ can occur in the home, connections can be lost and data transfer can be slower.

Wired or Structured Network

Provides a quicker and continuous access to your network. These can be connected to access the internet, computers, music systems, IP cameras, voice over internet protocol (VOIP) and home audio visual technologies. If you are thinking of implementing a wired network in your new-build or refurbishing, then talk to us about your options. But if you want the benefits of a structured home network without the disruption to you decor, we can utilise retro-fit devices that are capable of transmitting data, internet, music and AV via the mains wiring in your home

Your Home Network and Your Home

Whether you choose a wired or wireless home network solution for your home, here at Hang Your TV we have a wealth of experience and knowledge in networking and are well placed to offer advice on what network would work best for you. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements.


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