Multiroom HD Installation in Hove, Sussex

A Multiroom HD installation in Hove, Sussex we recently completed, so where do you start?

Basically there was four rooms of Multiroom HD and Sonos audio. All of the multirooms were fed with four HD sources along with other analogue and digital TV and CCTV modulated into the aerial system. The rooms were 1. lounge, 2. kitchen, 3. playroom and 4. master bedroom. The lounge already had a 50″ Pioneer plasma wall mounted which we had done a couple of years ago. The kitchen had a 32″ Panasonic LED mounted on a PeerlessAV motorised wall bracket. The playroom was flat mounted until we recently changed it for another motorised bracket, that was a Philips. Finally the master bedroom was flat wall mounted and was a 32″ Sony EX523 or something.

For the Multiroom HD we used a 4×4 Cat 5 Matrix for the HDMI Distribution. This had four HD inputs being 2 Sky HD boxes, a Philips Bluray player (more about that later), and an Xbox. Each room can call up any one of those sources in any combination of rooms and sources. Alternatively every TV can watch analogue  (while it’s still here), DTV Freeview and the camera system. Also every room has Sonos installed with ceiling speakers with the exception of the lounge where there are those KEF speakers, 3000 series rings a bell. As you can tell, I’m not really into the model numbers for TVs and audio visual equipment,. I prefer to just install what you’ve got or advise on what I think is nice. Oh yes about that Philips Bluray player, the thing is before I remembered you can code the Panasonic players to two different IR code sets I had to avoid having 2 Panasonic Bluray players in the IR system, as some of it has a common IR system. One is a 3D model directly connected to the kitchen TV and the other one serves the playroom TV direct. It was the fourth source into the HDMI switcher. If they were both receiving the same codes it might have got annoying for other people trying to watch the multiroom HD system.

So basically to keep the cost of control down, we installed a Global compatible distribution system and used a TV Link Plus to flash the equipment with IR. This worked fine, as I said after the Bluray issue was resolved. The other small problem to overcome was controlling two Sky HD boxes from a common Global dis system. This was easily overcome by using a Global SPC4. This accepts 4 different Sky box input combinations (a mixture of Sky, Sky+, Sky HD) and routes received IR from the system to the appropriate Sky box. All that has to be done to make it work is a small amount of programming of the Sky handset. This effectively creates a macro. This type of control system is a pretty good backup control system as it’s very basic with the benefit of using the original remotes, even though the equipment is out of the room. By the way, you can probably see the equipment has been hidden under the stairs.

In the bedroom, kitchen and playroom there are pairs of Blucube CXC650 speakers powered by Sonos Connect Amps. These also play the sound from Sky HD, Bluray/CD, and local TV. The lounge music comes from Sonos Connect connected to the Denon AVR amplifier.

The last picture is of the lighting system which is Lutron. This controls the lighting in most of the main rooms.

Lastly there are Logitech Harmony Ones for universal control. Programming these for multiroom HD control is really straightforward. You just have to remember to use the macro Sky commands to get the right skybox. The last thing we may add is a control system using the iPad and Iphones. The Multiroom HD system and the Lutron system controlled by IOS is just, well, better.

For more info on Multiroom HD, especially in Sussex, have a look at our HD page here or contact us from here.

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