Network Installation in Kent for Audio Visual – Smart TV

For the last couple of years the trend in audio visual systems has moved quickly in the direction of streaming media around your home. In the past years 3D was the big thing, but streaming media seems to be in demand more and more. We are certainly seeing a job on job rise in network installation services in everyday television installations. A fast and stable network is almost essential now to deliver a stable and rich online experience.

Most TV’s are now “Smart” meaning they can access online content from the internet. For example Iplayer, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and DLNA enabled devices, more on that another time. TV’s can be connected to the network either wirelessly or wired. Wired is always preferable because its faster and more stable, I find. You can also connect any ethernet enabled network device like Sky On Demand, CCTV, Remote Control Systems and NAS Drives.

Wireless signals do not like to travel around houses, and particularly in large houses you can struggle to pick up a WiFi signal. This is also where a wired network can really help. The high speed wired network is faster than wireless for connecting devices to the network. Obviously you still require Wireless connectivity so with the addition of Access Points in rooms you’re all connected. You can have as many Access Points as you need.

For ease of installation we like to use Network based Remote Control Systems. These are typically controlled by tablets or phones 😉 It means that you don’t have to point a remote at anything, as long as there’s a WiFi signal it’s good to go.  This of course means you can control equipment in other rooms, imagine the possibilities, turn off the kids TV remotely, start a film in the lounge, play your audio collection in the bathroom? Again a wired network is essential.

DLNA enabled devices basically mean they will play or serve media from a DLNA enabled device to another device on the same network. This means you could play a digitally mastered film from a NAS Drive to a DLNA TV in the bedroom, or store photographs on any machine and display them on the TV. Thats just a couple of examples, there are many possibilities believe me.

If you need help with wireless/ wired networks or you’re buying a new Smart TV or have weak wireless signals use the form on the Contact Us page to get in touch. We cover Sussex and Kent primarily but like driving, and we speak layman.



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