Sonos Multiroom Music

Music without limits – Any song, any room, any time

The way we listen to music in our homes has changed, stacks of CDs being replaced by digital storage. Our extended library coming from MP3s, the Internet or hard-drive pc-stored music. How do you make the most of your music in your home?

Flexibility meets functionality

With a Sonos Multiroom Music System you can access your music library, online music subscription store and Internet radio stations from any room. Your ‘listening zones’ work independently; different rooms broadcasting different music simultaneously, or synchronised to play the same music though out every zone, all accessible and changeable via the Sonos hand-held controller, your smartphone or iPad.

The Sonos set-up

To start listening to music with Sonos Multiroom is easy, with a ZonePlayer you can play your PC’s music library. You don’t even need to have your router nearby, a Sonos Bridge will distribute your wireless signal across your home, allowing each ZonePlayer uninterrupted music.

Add ZonePlayers and speakers in any room that you wish to link, introducing up to 32 zones to one system. And by using ZonePlayers you can connect to your existing Hi-Fi via analogue or digital cables, ideal for older and newer amplifiers.

Sonos Installation

Each Sonos Multiroom project is different, so contact us to discuss an individual consultation or survey.

Sonos Connect Amp – £399

• Digital Amplifier – 55w per channel

• Wireless, stand-alone music player

• Links to other Sonos equipment and speakers

Sonos Connect – £279

• Accesses your Hi-Fi or home theatre system

• Integrates your with existing home audio

• Internet connection to other media players

Sonos Play:5 – £349

• Five speakers with five digital apmlifiers

• Complete all-in-one wireless system

• Plug and play anywhere

Sonos Play:3 – £259

• All-in-one wireless music player

• Small, versatile; works horizontally and vertically

• Three speakers with three digital amplifiers

Sonos ZoneBridge – £79

• Connects to your router to provide wireless connection

• Networks ZonePlayers throughout your home

• Simple one-touch ‘SonosNet’ set up

Sonos Control – £279

• Includes charging cradle and battery

• Touch screen, full colour VGA display

• Portable, wireless control of your music

Sonos Dock – £99

• Compatible with iPhone or iPod

• To access the music library of your MP3 or phone


Sonos Cradle – £99

• Charging cradle for your Sonos Control

• Wall mountable

• Easy location of Sonos Control when not in use

Sonos Controller Apps

Turn your smartphone, tablet or PC into a controller for your Sonos music system. Available for

• iPhone • iPad • Android • Desktop controller for Mac or PC



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