TV Wall Mounting

TV Wall Mounting improves viewing experience, saves space and modernises the look of your home. To compliment our TV Wall Mounting we have a range of other services worth looking into.

TV Wall Mounting in Burgess Hill with NO Cables and NO chasing.

Although we specialise in nearly everything related to TV Installation like Satellite, Wireless Networking, Remote Control via IP, Media Servers and Sound Systems, we really enjoy simple TV Installations and Wall Mounting. This one is in Burgess Hill in a very modern development, so it makes sense and looks good to have the TV Wall […]

TV Wall Mounting in Clapham

A while ago now we were asked to do a TV Wall Mounting in Clapham, in fact The New Clapham building formerly known as the Library. The brief was to be able to display presentations in the show appartment via an iPad. So we specified a Samsung LED and Apple TV with iPad as the […]

TV wall mounting – A guide on how to wall mount a TV.

As you may realise by now , we wall mount a lot of TVs. This morning I thought I would photograph a TV wall mount installation to show you how. Hopefully this could help somebody wall mount a TV or give them confidence, or show you how we do it so you understand the procedure. […]

Tv Wall Mounting In West Sussex

This TV wall mounting job was fitted on moving in day. It’s in Burgess Hill in West Sussex in a new developement. As usual it’s fixed to the plasterboard wall and the cables are hidden, no problem.

Maximising your space, enhancing your experience

So you’ve bought your new TV, what’s next? We provide wall mounting services at fixed prices, and we can quote over the phone. We have engineers servicing Kent & Sussex so our prices are competitive.

Our packages include all fixtures, fittings, brackets and cables, leaving you with a beautifully wall mounted TV that is fully connected, that maximises space within your home and enhances your viewing experience. Go to our TV wall mounting page for more information or have a look at our gallery.

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Seamless home-entertainment integration – Imagine the possibilities

Accessing a multitude of media in our homes is an everyday experience, computers, televisions, music and gaming to name but a few. All of it operates on different systems, with different controls. Wouldn’t it be better if it all just worked….together? Imagine home entertainment effortlessly accessed across your home, a seamless system designed especially for your home, to suit your needs. An easy-to-use integrated system. Joining together all the component parts of your home media, your television, your Blu-Ray, your music, your photos, your lighting…… Accessible wherever you want at the touch of a button, using control panels or even your mobile phone.

Experience multi-room music directly from the Internet into any room

Combined with high definition gaming and satellite television streamed throughout your home. Different rooms, independent zones managed via portable centric control consoles. Or TV wall-mounting for a professional finish and full integration with your existing setup. Wherever and however you want the experience, with our knowledge and resources we can make it happen. Your home is unique, so every system that we create is as unique as your home. At Hang Your TV we listen, create and deliver. We also specialise in Satellite, Sonos Installation and fully automated Iphone and Ipad remote control systems. We are available to give you sound, independent advice, with products and services to match.