TV Installation In Hastings.

IMG_2391 Until a couple of weeks ago this room had a bog standard TV in the corner with a Sky HD box on a glass stand, and an unused 2.1 DVD system. What they wanted was a TV on the Chimney Breast with no cables showing. Also there was a problem connecting to the internet as the router was in another building and there was a (cough) Range Extender, not my favourite device!, and with a bit of work this is what they ended up with.

Let me explain. The Skybox and associated cabling was pulled out and redirected to a cupboard. At the same time a long HDMI cable was installed to the TV. Then we added a 4X2 Matrix to effectively add 4 HD inputs to the TV. Fed into the Matrix are Sky HD, Apple TV and  3D Bluray. All very straightforward. The sound bar is simply connected to the TV using TOS.

Next we ran Cat 5E from the router to a Dual Band Access Point. The benefit here is really for Iphone 5 and Ipad which both use the 5GHZ band for wireless which is faster. Basically there is less interference on the 5GHZ band than 2.4GHZ where cordless phones and Bluetooth live.

IMG_2394The wireless network is a very important part of this installation for several reasons. Not only does it feed the TV, the Apple TV and the Bluray player with internet and local services like media streaming, but the whole control system is based around a stable wireless network, and using a “Repeater” would not work.

There are two control systems in place here. The first I call the babysitter system. There is a normal Sky Eye controlling the Skybox in the cupboard allowing the use of a normal Sky remote. This has also been programmed to control the TV so all you have to do is pick up the remote, turn on the TV and use the normal Sky system.

The second system is Ipad/Iphone based and allows full control of the system, and gives you access to all the Goodies! With ONE button press it will start the TV, select the correct input (HDMI 1 in this case as we’re using a matrix), select the correct matrix input/output, and then give you full control of the Sky HD box, the Apple TV, the Bluray Player and any network or local streaming services. It also provides a TV Guide which will directly dial the appropriate Sky channel at the touch of a button. It controls the volumes, controls Smart TV Functions and will send ANY song or playlist from a remote server directly to the Apple TV. Full media automation from Ipad/Iphone.

The shelves were added this week giving the room a very modern feel and looking great!

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