TV Wall Mounting in Burgess Hill with NO Cables and NO chasing.

IMG_2390Although we specialise in nearly everything related to TV Installation like Satellite, Wireless Networking, Remote Control via IP, Media Servers and Sound Systems, we really enjoy simple TV Installations and Wall Mounting. This one is in Burgess Hill in a very modern development, so it makes sense and looks good to have the TV Wall Mounted. To most people this conjures up visions of installers with big drills and Stanley knives cutting open walls to hide wires. Not so, well not in this case anyway. Actually, we never cut plasterboard to hide cables, there really isn’t any need.


This is a Panasonic 42″ LED and Soundbar installed today, in one visit. Not bad eh? No wires showing, no cables hanging down the wall, no chasing, no filling, no redecoration needed. In fact all thats left to do is watch it. You can also use the Smart TV Features including Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and all that other stuff.



It fits into the room and the layout very well, saves space, and at the same time looks and sounds fantastic. A modern TV Wall Mounted with Soundbar to reinforce the sound coupled with a beautiful Oak Floor. What more would you need?


Maybe a good film and a beer!




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