Wall Mounted Aquavision TV With Custom Oak Frame

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the website, there never seems to be enough time! We’re always busy fitting TV’s or fixing stuff. But this one deserved a mention.

We were asked to fit a Mirror TV, by Aquavision, in a living room in a old house. Strange request I thought, but we went and looked anyway.

On visiting it became obvious why. To put a modern TV above an inglenook fireplace in a beautiful house would some how be wrong. By using and camouflaging a Mirror TV, we could make it look like a mirror above the fireplace.

After making a custom bracket system (out of radiator brackets!) the TV was fitted, cabled and left to our good friends SBTDesign.co.uk to create the frame. The design was simple and stained in a Dark Oak finish. Only problem now is, that with the frame covering the infrared apeture we needed to regain control. An Infra Red repeater system was fitted to Apple TV and the amplifier in the cupboard. An IR Blaster was also fitted inside the TV to send commands to the built in IR system that also controlled RF2 on the Sky circuit. (Sorry if I went off on one there). This is part of the Aquavision TV that would allow Sky control in a bathroom without using a Sky Eye.

This is the finished result:-

Bathroom TV in a Living Room Oak Framed TV Mirror TV

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